Environmental Wardens

The Environmental Wardens are the ‘eyes and ears’ of the community and act as a link between the community and other organisations, such as the police and local councils. 
The Northampton Environmental Wardens and Accredited Persons will liaise with each other on a regular basis to help resolve problems common to their area of work or location.  On some occasions they may work together on specific projects or problem areas eg: issuing fixed-penalty notices for littering.
Members of the public can contact their Environmental Warden if they have any concerns relating to their ward.
Environmental Wardens are specially trained and wear uniforms.  They are easily recognisable and will provide a point of contact for residents in their area – someone to report incidents to, or to discuss community issues with.
The Wardens are not a replacement for the Police but will complement their work, with the emphasis being working with and for the community.  Environmental Wardens are also Accredited Officers, and with the other Accredited Officers will be the ‘eyes and ears’ of Northampton Borough Council in our town.
Northampton’s Environmental Wardens, employed within the Environmental Health Division of the Council, are there to help reduce anti-social behaviour, minimise the fear of crime and provide a link with services for the community to prevent:
• Vehicle crime and abandoned vehicles
• Street crime
• Anti-social behaviour
• Fly tipping
• Vandalism and burglary
• Graffiti

How will Environmental Wardens work within their community?
Environmental Wardens can help by:
• Acting as a link between the community and other agencies such as the police and fire and local authorities
• Dealing with complaints about environmental issues and some aspects of anti-social behaviour
• Making sure our neighbourhoods look good by keeping an eye out for problems such as dog fouling, defective street lights, abandoned furniture and other fly tipping, abandoned vehicles, graffiti and vandalism and reporting to the relevant agency for action to be taken
• Keeping track of incidents reported until we have a result
• Checking on empty properties which are often the target for anti-social behaviour
• Being a visible presence on the streets and helping to make people feel safer
• Reporting anti-social behaviour and involving the relevant organisations
• Promoting and supporting local meetings, festivals, fun days and environmental events to help build community spirit
What are Accredited Officers?
The Accredited Officers, which include the Environmental Wardens, have powers of enforcement in addition to those they may already have, and these will depend on which area of the Council they are working in.  These powers are:
• Issuing Fixed Penalty Notices for dog fouling or littering
• Obtaining names and addresses for offences
• Obtaining the names and addresses of persons acting in an anti-social manner
• Confiscation of tobacco from young people
• Removal of abandoned vehicles
• Preventing alcohol consumption in designated public places
What are fixed-penalty notices?
Environmental Wardens have powers to deal with issues that affect the quality of life in Northampton.  Littering is high on the list and the Wardens will be working with Northampton Borough Council’s Accredited Persons on litter enforcement in the town centre.  The majority of people who work here are fed up with the sight of dirty streets and criticism from visitors.

The Wardens will also be able to issue fixed-penalty notices for dog fouling, littering and other minor anti-social behaviour matters.
Litter comes in many guises and includes cigarette ends, packaging, wrapping and food waste.

  • Contact name Lincoln Henry
  • Telephone (01604) 838000 – lines are manned 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am to 4.30pm on Friday. Also on (01604) 838281.
  • Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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