Mears-Making You Groan!

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What kind of an Outfit is this?
You might well ask. Your two local Kings Heath Councillors, Kings Heath Residents’ Association, and Northampton Borough Council, have all received a series of complaints about Mears, the company presently doing work on council housing in Kings Heath. As have Mears themselves. Even the Chronicle & Echo (13/03/14) page 35, have done an article about it. See their article here: Northampton Chronicle & Echo
The comments from victims of Mears, in the Comments section underneath the article, are as interesting as the article itself.

Complaints range from tenants taking time off work for Mears appointments that were never kept, to Mears workers turning up days late, doing a couple of hours work and then vanishing for weeks. There are reports of work - some of it electrical - being left unfinished for weeks and months on end.

One case involved kitchen fitters removing tiles from a kitchen that was not supposed to be touched - had they got the wrong house?
Other cases involve shoddy workmanship, poor quality work and materials, holes left in ceilings, and electrical wires left hanging.

Some people, totally exasperated by the poor treatment they were getting, posted their complaints on Facebook. There’s a whole range of them up there, if you like to take a look.
If you are having problems with Mears, Kings Heath Residents Association would like to know about it. But first complain to Mears, and make a note of when you did so, and what they said they would do about it. Then, if there is no response within a week, contact us, and we’ll take full details of your case and send it on to someone who can bring pressure to bear on Mears.
Mears are on: 01604 878490 or 07939 277 070
Kings Heath Residents Association are on: 01604 585821 or 587308


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